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WOD Math

Making Workout Math Easy

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  • WOD Math is an easy to use iOS iPhone app to help with tracking of personal records along with aiding with some of the common math that comes up in CrossFit / Weightlifting. Stop suffering from math errors in your workout, download WOD Math today!
  •  Track your PRs for the major lifts and popular CrossFit WODs. Easily calculate % of your PRs for when the workout calls for it. Let WOD Math calculate for you what plates to add to the bar to achieve the intended loading. No more doing math in your head or needing a calculator!
  •  Are you tired of trying to calculate your scores for an AMRAP? Need to add times to calculate your overall score? No more guessing your score or asking others to calculate it for you, WOD Math can do that for you!
  •  Does the WOD call for Assault Bike, but you only have a rower? Want to swap rowing for running today? WOD Math will handle the conversions for you to keep you within the intended stimulus for the WOD.
  •  Not sure how to load your barbell to a specific weight? Let WOD Math do the heavy lifting for you and show you exactly what to load. Yep, WOD Math can do that too!


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Math Done Right

Let WOD Math do the heavy lifting when it comes to the math involved in working out. WOD scoring, easy barbell loading, conversions and PR tracking are all included.

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Personal Records

Track your PR’s for the major lifts and popular CrossFit WODs. Common weightlifting moves along with popular Hero / Nasty Girl WODs are included.

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Quick conversions from bike to row to run, meters and calories. WOD Math will let you know exactly what to substitute when you are short on equipment for the day’s WOD.


  • Easily track your 1 rep max for the major lifts
  • Track your times for common CrossFit WODs such as Murph, Fran, Cindy, and more
  • Calculate % of your max lift
  • See exactly which plates you need to load your barbell
  • Track your improvements over time
  • Let WOD Math add your score for your WOD
  • Includes static and ascending AMRAP scoring
  • Includes adding of times for time based WODs
  • Convert Assault Bike to Row (both calories and meters)
  • Convert Assault Bike calories to Run distance
  • Convert Row meters or calories to Run distance
  • Gender specific conversions
  • No Ads. Ever.
  • Family Sharing Included

 Pro Version

  • Create your own custom lifts to record any max effort lift
  • Unlock the ability to record multiple rep maxes, from 1 rep to 100 reps
  • Unlock projected max lifts for all of your PRs
  • Create your own custom time based WODs
  • Includes over 20 additional standard lifts
  • Includes 30 additional standard time based WODs
  • Projections include projected max from 1 to 10 reps for any given lift
  • Lifetime access to all future pro content
  • Family share support included