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Fit Deck

iOS workout app designed to help you achieve your best self

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  • Fit Deck is an easy to use iOS workout app to help you achieve your best self.  Create your base workout by choosing 4 moves from our library of common fitness exercises. Choose to include rest intervals if wanted. Add a ‘joker’ move to mix things up. Feeling spicy? Let Fit Deck generate a random workout for you. Working on your fitness has never been easier!
  • Fit Deck provides limitless workouts in a ‘Deck of Cards’ format. During the workout, you will be shown a random playing card from a standard deck. Based on your workout choices, the card will show you the exercise and number of repetitions to complete. Once completed, the next card is presented, and repeats until the workout is over. A workout consists of 4 main exercises, 1 ‘Joker’ exercise, up to 54 cards, and takes an average of 20 – 40 minutes to complete.
  • Fit Deck includes NO ADS!
  • Fit Deck is free to download and comes with over 600 possible workout combinations. Want more? Upgrade to Pro to unlock 100+ more standard moves to create near limitless workout combination options. Pro also includes the ability to create and save custom moves, pause workouts, save your favorite workouts, and more.

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Workout Type

Create your own workout or allow us to create one for you. Randomized workouts include exercises to create a full body workout. Or, revisit your favorite saved workouts!

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Custom Workout

Choose the exercises you would like to include. Pick from cardio, core, full body, upper body and lower body exercises. Mix and match to create your perfect workout!

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See your results at the end of every workout. Includes now many repititions were completed of each exercise and the time to complete the workout!


  • Over 600 possible workout combinations included with free version
  • 5 exercise categories including Cardio, Core, Full Body, Upper Body and Lower Body
  • Custom workouts
  • Choose traditional cards OR 4 Color Deck
  • Bodyweight exercises included
  • Kettlebell exercises included
  • Random workouts
  • Choose to include face cards for a longer workout, or exclude for a shorter workout
  • No ads. Ever.
  • Offline workouts are supported. Workout anytime
  • Sort exercises by category
  • Choose to add rest intervals if wanted
  • Timed workouts
  • Track your workout statistics
  • Built for SharePlay (coming later in 2021)

 Pro Version

  • Over 100 additional moves included
  • Create and save custom moves
  • Pause your workout anytime. Resume when ready
  • Save your favorite workouts
  • Barbell exercises
  • Row / Bike exercises
  • Ability to disable jokers
  • Customize your pre-workout countdown duration
  • Family share support included

Our Story

Charlie, owner of TrulyTen, and his son Turner created Fit Deck as a team. Charlie’s love of programming began in 2015 when Turner asked him for help with a school project working with RFID cards and tracking student attendance. Charlie loves to spend time with his 2 sons, and coding together was a perfect fit. Over the next few years, Charlie dabbled here and there in coding, but became serious about it in 2019. Charlie was scheduled for a major knee surgery that would keep him immobile for 2 months and was looking for something to do during the down time. Turner suggested becoming more involved with coding, and the father / son team was born. The surgery was in December of 2019, and right as Charlie was close to being able to return to his previous activities, Covid-19 shut down the country. Turner moved home from college. Charlie continued to work on his programming skills with Turner’s help. He has since published 5 apps to the iOS App Store, including WOD Math. Earlier in 2021, Charlie started TrulyTen LLC (an anagram of his sons’ names) to formalize his programming business.

Turner has been in love with computers since the age of 3. At 11 years old, he began to teach himself to code. iOS became his true passion, and at 15 he pushed his first app to the iOS App Store, JobWellDone, a tip calculator. Throughout high school, he continued to grow as an indie developer, and by the time he graduated, he had 7 apps published through the App Store. Turner’s dream is to one day work for Apple, and this dream began to come to fruition his freshman year at Kennesaw State University when he saw a tweet from Apple looking for an intern for the App Store team. Turner applied, interviewed, and was hired as an intern for the summer of 2020. After one of his best summers ever, he was invited back to intern for the same team in 2021. Turner completed this internship early August of 2021 and is looking forward to returning to Apple next summer and full time upon graduation.

Charlie’s other passion is group fitness. He has numerous fitness certifications and loves to help others reach their full potential in group workout settings. Charlie can be found coaching athletes at Dawson CrossFit every week. The idea for Fit Deck was born in June of 2021 after coaching a common CrossFit WOD, ‘Deck of Cards’. Charlie began working on the app, and in August upon his internship completion, Turner joined his dad as lead developer  on Fit Deck. While Turner and Charlie have helped each other many times over the years, this is the first of hopefully many iOS apps that they will build together.